Thinking beyond domains.

We combine competence, passion, and reliability

LEMARIT has been a specialist since its founding in 2002. Founders Martin und Thomas Kuechenthal (CEO and CTO) draw upon a wealth of knowledge and experience that reaches back to the digital innovations of Scandinavia in the 1990s and encompasses their roles in internationally renowned companies.

The Kuechenthal brothers complemented each other perfectly from the start: Martin Kuechenthal focuses on customers relations, business and sales. Thomas Kuechenthal provides technical expertise as a computer scientist and renowned DNS specialist.

Both founders are active in a far-reaching global domain network and thus ensure that LEMARIT is always state of the art. Moreover, they work to actively shape the future of the industry through accreditations and partnerships.

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What we claim

The excellent LEMARIT team possesses many years of wide-ranging experience and in-depth knowledge that provides you with fundamental advantages.

We deliver
what we promise

– and we work with you to think beyond the digital space in order to achieve the optimal set-up and environment for you and your top-level domain.

We stand for quality,
not quantity

– and we advise you personally with individualized, tailor-made solutions and fast response times, even outside of our usual business hours.

We focus on you

– your business, your brand world and your values are our highest priority, no matter whether you’re a potential new client or a partner who’s been with us since day one.

We would also like to use this space to remember our co-founder and friend Carl Ingwer Johannsen, who helped us build the foundation of LEMARIT’s success in the early years. Carl Ingwer passed away on 11 March 2005 after a very serious illness at the young age of 34. He left behind a hole that can never be filled, and our thoughts are often with him and his family.